Doyle Herman Design Associates

DHDA creates extraordinary design by integrating artistic expression within the contextual perspective of the presented architecture. We seek inspiration from the past and are often guided by aspects of traditional design but we also share an enthusiasm for a more modern aesthetic when desired. Our approach to landscape design involves deciphering, translating and responding to a location and its existing physicality. Each project begins with a holistic evaluation of the intrinsic qualities of the environment and its relationship to human habitat.

Projects are carried out across the United States and Europe. Projects may vary in style, size and locality, but our method is characterized by strong geometry, bold structural forms and clean symmetry. We engage with a team of affiliated professionals that includes architects, landscape contractors and environmental consultants to design and implement a shared vision. At Doyle Herman Design Associates, we celebrate the merger of living and built environments to insure a programmatic, detailed and above all, beautiful landscape.