Doyle Herman Design Associates

David Kim is a Landscape Designer at DHDA and is a recent graduate from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture. He has traveled and lived in many countries around the world (Nepal, the Philippines, South Korea to name a few). These experiences have given him a unique view on the idea of aesthetic design, human and natural atmospheres, and how spaces work on a practical and aesthetic level. He has also received a PA-DE ASLA Student Merit Award during studies at Penn State, as well as receiving a student design award from the Federal Department of Urban Planning in the City of Bonn, Germany during his study abroad experience.

He has a great respect for history, as old buildings and sites seem to have their own unique stories to tell—stories that can be enhanced and rediscovered through effective design practices. This focus on the marriage of traditional design and contemporary ideas drives him to think of new and innovative ideas that still pay respect to the original purpose of a site, and effectively enhance the atmosphere and the human experience.