Doyle Herman Design Associates

Yvonne Brandt is Creative Manager at DHDA. She graduated from West Chester University in West Chester, PA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration and Art History, and worked as a local artist and photographer in Philadelphia. She has a passion for modern art and landscape photography and realized her potential as a graphic designer. To learn more she decided to return to school and received an Associate’s Degree in Graphic & Web Design while she was simultaneously working with a marketing firm in Philadelphia, which helped develop her skills as a marketing graphic designer.

In the course of her studies, she was awarded the 2011 and 2012 DCCC Purchase Arts Awards, adjudicated by Professors of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her family owns a landscape firm in Philadelphia, and her love of horticulture mixed with her experience as a graphic designer has landed her here at Doyle Herman Design Associates as Creative Manager. Her creative and organizational skills assist her daily in designing and managing all marketing and graphic design projects.